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  • Useful Links

Northern California Conference (NCC) — The official site for our local branch of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

Pacific Union Conference — The larger conference encompassing the Pacific Southwest, including the Northern California Conference (NCC)

North Pacific Union Conference — The larger conference encompassing the Pacific Northwest, including the Oregon Conference just to our north

North American Division (NAD) — The official site of the Seventh-day Adventist Division covering North America and some North Pacific Islands

  • Bible Studies

Voice of Prophecy Bible Study Resources — An aesthetically designed Bible study resource with a large variety of stand-alone topics. It includes a prayer request and Bible question submission feature. Many languages are available.

  •* — A similar design with topics adapted to be easily understood by kids.

Discover Bible School (Updated) and Discover Online (Older Interface; similar content) — A resource with several Bible study courses in guide format, including kids studies and studies made by and for people of Jewish and Native American heritages. Most studies are also available in mail-in form, and the site features a variety of languages.

Authentic — A media series hosted by Shawn Boonstra that delves into deep, timely, and relevant questions and issues. 30 minute episodes are currently being posted about once a week.

Discovery Mountain* — An audio storytelling series for kids 5–12 featuring adventures, mysteries, campfire songs, and helping them get to know Jesus as a friend.

Amazing Bible Studies (formerly Bible University) An Amazing Facts resource featuring two lesson-based Bible study courses, online and mailed. Bible questions and prayer requests are accepted through both means.

Straight 2 the Heart Inc. — A training ministry pioneered by pastor and marriage family therapist Paul Coneff focusing on reaching and healing the heart of suffering people with the heart of a Savior who suffered Himself.

Revival and Reformation — An official Adventist World Church site featuring many resources, inspirational writings and media for personal revival, praying with power, strengthening and equipping church ministries, and increasing an individual's witness for Christ.

Adventist Mission — An official Adventist World Church ministry that seeks to holistically reach communities, at home and worldwide. The website includes reports on encouraging mission stories as well as information on current and plans for future missions and the opportunity to donate to a specific mission.

Gospel Outreach — A mission ministry primarily focused on raising funds to hire and sustain local Bible workers especially within the 10/40 window—between 10°N–40°N latitudes—the zone with the greatest number of people unreached by the Gospel.

Adventist News Network — The official news source of the worldwide Adventist Church, reporting on Adventist initiatives and events around the world.

Adventist Review — The Adventist Church's official magazine.

Adventist Today — An independent journal and online news source reporting on developments and issues throughout the Adventist world church. 

Pacific Union Recorder — The official publication of the Pacific Union Conference, including the NCC, reporting on local church initiatives, organizations, and events within the region. Issues can be viewed online here.

ADRA (The Adventist Development and Relief Agency) The official humanitarian branch of the Adventist Church serving through disaster relief and community development throughout the world, in 118+ countries.

Maranatha Volunteers International — A mission organization that works with the Adventist Church and self-funded volunteers to respond to requests for help with construction projects worldwide.

Adventist Society for the Arts — An official resource of the Pacific Union Conference featuring reports on Adventists with passion and talent in the arts.

ASI (Adventist-laymen’s Services & Industries) — An membership-based organization of laymen dedicated to learning to share the gospel through their unique walk in life.

Other helpful resources on the PUC library's SDA Resources page. 


Bible Hub — A versatile online Bible study tool with a variety of Bible versions, concordances, dictionaries, and Hebrew, Greek, and topical helps.

e-Sword — A downloadable Bible study application with a variety of reference tools, parallel versions, graphics, searches, Strong's integrations, etc.  Available for free on PC, and also available on Mac, iPhone, and Android.

AudioVerse — An audio resource featuring many sermons, audiobooks, conference recordings, stories*, and scripture songs by a large variety of Adventist presenters. Some are available for download. AudioVerse for iPhone

Sabbath School Resources by Division* —Beginner to adult class resources from the North American Division's Sabbath School and Personal Ministries website.

Adult Bible Study Guide — The official website for the SDA Adult Sabbath School Lesson.

Sabbath School Net — An independent source also featuring the SDA Adult Sabbath School Lesson with discussion on the lesson and other resources.

Sabbath School Lessons from Pine Knoll — An independent resource that features audio and written guides that go along with the SDA Adult Sabbath School Lesson.

Guide Magazine* — The online site for Guide Magazine including games, videos, and stories also found in the publication for kids ages 10-14.

Adventist Book Center — The official online store for many Adventist publications, including Pacific Press and Review and Herald products. Information about the Roseville, CA store can be found here on the NCC Website.

Church State Council — An SDA organization that seeks to educate, preserve, and report on Religious Liberty in California, the Southwestern U.S., and beyond.

Adventist Archives (Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research) Also includes the official directory, encyclopedia, and yearbook of the Adventist Church.

Online Media, Television, and Radio Productions


Hope Channel — The official television channel of the Adventist Church

It Is Written

Amazing Facts

Loma Linda Broadcasting Network

Better Life Broadcasting Network

Voice of Prophecy

Faith for Today

Pioneer Memorial Church — The campus church of Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI, Pastored by the acclaimed Adventist speaker Dr. Dwight K. Nelson. The New Perceptions affiliate site feature content solely presented by Pastor Nelson.

Questline Productions — A media Bible study resource pioneered by Pastor Charles Byrd, former pastor at the Grants Pass SDA Church. Productions include the customizable Thunder in the Holy Land video Bible study series.


Radio74 Internationale

Adventist World Radio


Adventist Media Ministries list on the NAD Website

  • Useful Apps (for iOS)

Sabbath School and PM Official Sabbath School & Personal Ministries app by Adventech

Hymnal Apps

Adventist Hymnal by Isaac Eduardo Rebolledo Leal, with new and old Church Hymnals, sheet music, and recordings

KnowHymn by Sacred Sound Foundation. The SDA Hymnal with quality piano recordings and the Companion to the SDA Hymns

SDA Hymnal with Audio by Rencana Tarigan. A simply designed hymnal app

EGW Writings and EGW Writings 2 by Ellen G. White Estate, older and newer versions

AudioVerse for iPhone by AudioVerse

AdvenTV by 1AM STUDIOS LLC, includes a variety of Adventist Channels in one place

AWR360° by Adventist World Radio (iOS 13+)

The Maranatha Channel by Maranatha Volunteers International, with media from world missions

3ABN+ for iOS by Three Angels Broadcasting Network, Inc.

Hope Channel for iOS by Hope Channel International, Inc. (iOS 13+)

It Is Written for iOS by It Is Written International Television (iOS 15+)

Amazing Facts Ministry for iOS 

LLBN for iOS by Loma Linda Broadcasting Network

Better Life TV for iOS by Better Life Broadcasting Network

Faith For Today for iOS by Adventist Media Center, Inc.


  • Miscellaneous Resources

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Today's chosen media resource:

Why Are We So Numb to the Cross Message by Gabe Arruda on AudioVerse