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Northern California Conference — The official site for our local branch of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

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Voice of Prophecy Bible Study Resources — An aesthetically designed Bible study resource with a large variety of stand-alone topics. It includes a prayer request and Bible question submission feature. Many languages are available.

  •* — A similar design with topics adapted to be easily understood by kids.

Discover Bible School (Updated) and Discover Online (Older Interface; similar content) — A resource with several Bible study courses in guide format, including kids studies and studies made by and for people of Jewish and Native American heritages. Most studies are also available in mail-in form, and the site features a variety of languages.

Authentic — A media series hosted by Shawn Boonstra that delves into deep, timely, and relevant questions and issues. 30 minute episodes are currently being posted about once a week.

Discovery Mountain* — An audio storytelling series for kids 5–12 featuring adventures, mysteries, campfire songs, and helping them get to know Jesus as a friend.

Amazing Bible Studies (formerly Bible University) An Amazing Facts resource featuring two lesson-based Bible study courses, online and mailed. Bible questions and prayer requests are accepted through both means.

Straight 2 the Heart Inc. — A training ministry pioneered by pastor and marriage family therapist Paul Coneff focusing on reaching and healing the heart of suffering people with the heart of a Savior who suffered Himself.


Bible Hub — A versatile online Bible study tool with a variety of Bible versions, concordances, dictionaries, and Hebrew, Greek, and topical helps.

AudioVerse — An audio resource featuring many sermons, audiobooks, conference recordings, stories*, and scripture songs by a large variety of Adventist presenters. Some are available for download.

Sabbath School Lessons from Pine Knoll — An independent resource that features audio and written guides that go along with the SDA Adult Sabbath School Lesson.

GraceLink — The official site for Sabbath School resources for kids ages 0-9, Beginner through Primary classes.

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