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Youth Sabbath School
     We are a lively bunch and that’s for sure, but we love the Lord and there’s no doubt about that. Upon first observations some might be prone to comment that we are rowdy in our study and worship of the Lord, but then many misunderstand youth altogether. For that matter the Lord, Jesus Christ, was misunderstood by those he healed, raised from the dead, and helped, not to mentioned how those in power completely misjudged Him and even condemned Him; we feel, we’re in good company.

     We are of that, in-between age, wherein neither, are we children nor adult and that is a tough time, to be sure. We are full of convictions and yet too young to do much about them. We desire to express ourselves about our beliefs, but many times are dismissed as too young, or not being capable of knowing. We respectfully submit to you that we do know what we think and feel of the Lord, because He loves us and has put this love in our hearts, for Him.

     The Youth Sabbath School Class is for you, if you feel like this, or are about 13-17 years old. We discuss stuff that is important to us, like; what we want to do with our lives as adults; why don’t our parents listen to us; what College we want to attend; who we want to date and of course sexuality. We’re curious about the meaning of life and have questions about death as it has affected us. We want to do that which is “right”, but what is right? These are just a few of the topics covered in our class.

      The Youth Sabbath School class is upstairs behind the church sanctuary pulpit. My name is Vern and I lead out in the Youth division. It would be way cool to fellowship with you this coming Sabbath; the entire Youth Class and I hope you will join us.